Friday, 21 January 2011

minus 18

minus 18 wind chill
grey skies
slippery sidewalks
what to do?
bake lavender lemon cupcakes,
bring out the seldom used
tea things from the cupboard,
instant sunshine!
the easy recipe
can be found here.
(rather than iced the
cupcakes were glazed
they are only 152 calories)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

a cabbage and 10 questions

my posts have been less frequent
due to problems with my vision,
it has been difficult to look at a
computer screen and take photos,
my ophthalmologist assured me
that i am not losing my sight.
2011 started with a limp,
the result of a foot injury,
i didn't see where i was going.
nothing serious really,
hopefully all will be better soon.

10 questions

i have some catching up to do:

nathalie and line gave me a
i was touched. their blogs are
a daily destination, please visit.

the prize rules are:
do an entry with the prize,
answer the questions,
give the prize to 10 blogs.

here it goes:
1. why did you create this blog?
good question, i had a vague idea of
creating a food blog. that didn't happen,
so here it is.
2. what kind of blogs do you follow?
many types of blogs interest me, design,
photography, art, book and personal blogs.
3. favourite makeup brand?
if i do use makeup it would be clinique.
4.favourite clothing brand?
not so much a brand, lately have been lucky
finding clothing at anthropologie, and to a lesser
extent club monaco.
5. your indispensable makeup product?
sunscreen. i don't leave home without it.
6. your favourite colour?
blue. i love blue, there is a lot of blue in my
7. your perfume?
i don't wear perfume, however i am liking the
neroli eau de parfum by l'occitane.
8. your favourite film?
muriel's wedding
and soul kitchen come to mind.
9. what country would you like to visit
and why?
georgia, the country is so beautiful, i love the music,
the food is fantastic, the wine would be interesting
to sample.
10. make the last question and answer to
yourself. what would be an ideal studio
an ideal studio space would have large windows
with an outdoor area. it would have to be spacious
to accomodate different areas for drawing, painting,
printmaking and a library.
the ten blogs that i give the prize to are: andrea,
samelengthpinkies, nina, novi . (no pressure)

Sunday, 2 January 2011

happy new year

happy new year!
we danced into 2011
and had
the tiny pudding
for breakfast.
will be
a wonderful